The LA ritual of celebrity sightings 2

Celebrity sighting in Los Angeles is such an elaborate ritual. A bunch of teenagers were oohing and ahhing without wanting to be seen oohing and ahhing because they thought the actress who played a character named Mona on a TV show called “Pretty Little Liars” was sitting in the same Starbucks as them.alexis

When I suggested they approach her to say they admired her work, the teenagers bolted up like their spines had just been replaced by a metal rod. They declared the very idea would cause their heads to explode from embarrassment.

My friend, Alexis Iacono, sitting across from them, said, “Let me handle this.”

She roared off to introduce herself to the actress, which only made the teenagers more mortified, since Alexis didn’t know the show any better than I did and introduced herself to the wrong person. The actress herself, being alerted to the commotion, shifted to another chair. This led to a debate about whether the actress was making herself easier to approach or shielding herself from scrutiny.

“She’s not that famous,” saliar1id another woman, a fan of the show, who took the latter position.

After the actress left, Alexis tried to assuage the teenagers that she was comfortable approaching the actress only because: “I’m kinda, sorta famous too.” The kids looked at her blankly. Alexis explained, “Well, I’m not famous, but I voice characters in video games who are famous.” She asked the kids if they played video games, and they said no. Alexis said, “Oh, in that case, I’m not famous.”

But the teenagers assured her she was sufficiently famous to count as a celebrity sighting, and everyone left content the day had brought a satisfactory brush with fame.