I am surrounded by lunatics today 18

I am surrounded by lunatics today. Behind me is the guy who (loudly) records sermons about the coming apocalypse that he posts online. In-between he leaves never-returned phone messages for his former wife who left him 10 years ago telling her he misses her and will pray for her. He even has advertisers on his site, who presumably don’t look at it and just give him a couple of dollars to go away.
To my left is the guy who tapes over the camera on his iPhone so the government can’t use it to spy on him. But at least he’s friendly and always saves a seat for me.

The two lunatics can’t stand each other because each thinks the other is crazy. As BK Wong, a reader of this blog, says, everyone is somebody else’s lunatic. Perhaps that is a nice pre-Valentine’s Day thought for all of us.