I have Anjolina Jolie legs 14

Yesterday, I mentioned how some woman came up behind me while I was parking my bike and told me, “That’s why you have a good butt and legs.”

Today, at Starbucks, a black woman sitting next to me looked down at my legs and says: “Those are tiny little things.”leggy

I asked what she was referring to. She said: “Those legs of yours. Tiny.” Then she leaned in close and said: “Actually, those are nice legs. Really nice. But they’re girl legs.”

Now I really didn’t know what she meant. She said: “They’re slender and very shapely, like Anjolina Jolie. She’s got great legs, but they’re not really muscular. You could have her legs, except yours are covered with a lot more hair.”

“So I have girl legs?” I said.

She nodded. “And that’s not a bad thing. Some men take it badly when you tell them they have girl legs.”

I am going to start wearing long pants.