Hair Apparent to Drug Trafficking 5

The man sitting behind me is selling hair — he makes an endless series of phone calls peddling wigs that sell from $3,000 to $10,000 apiece. “We have northern hair from Mongolian,” he tells one client. “Very, very light. Ancient hair is the best quality hair.” He listens for a moment and becomes angry at something he hears. “Chinese hair is crappy!” he exclaims. “It looks silky, but it’s not.”

A moment later he sells three wigs for $12,750. “It’s Russian hair,” he tells the buyer. “It is Kosher hair for the Jewish lady.”

He takes a break when a friend calls, and he tells the friend he is going to Cuba to visit his mother.

“Well, I am going to visit her but mostly I am going to get hair,” he says. “Cuba has the best hair. It’s uncompromised; they don’t use chemicals. You can go into these little villages and pay someone a couple of hundred dollars for their ponytail and they think you’re paying a fortune. The only trouble is getting it out of the country: I have to import it through Mexico using a coffee manufacturer, and then bring it over the border from Tijuana.”

And you thought trafficking was all about drugs and illegals. It’s also about having full, shiny head of locks.


A reader suggested a Chris Rock documentary to learn more about this topic