Blind man’s bluff: he has an eye for the ladies 0

A blind guy with dark glasses and white cane often comes into this Starbucks, bumping into everyone as he looks for a place to sit. He always settles in next to an attractive woman — even if she’s alone at a large table, he inevitably positions himself no more than two inches from her. And no matter how pressing her deadline, no woman seems able to tell a blind guy she’s too busy to talk. He carries a bongo drum and often asks a woman if he can play it for her.

When she finally leaves, he stumbles into more people until he settles in next to another attractive woman. One time, he sat beside me, struck up a conversation, and learning I was a man extracted himself from it within 45 seconds. I once asked if I could see his bongo drum and he said no, miffed at the request. I wonder if “bongo drum” has a different meaning than I’m aware of given the way he grimaced.